Swing set repurpose

Discover creative ways to repurpose old swing sets and give them new life. Find unique ideas to transform your swing set into something useful and fun.
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Trash to treasure Cathy Wanderaas of Montana was looking for a new idea to landscape a part of her backyard. She was also looking for a new use for a swing set her children have outgrown. She ended up creating a fantastical ‘doorway’ that leads from one side of her garden to the other. Now,

Tidied Up
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Our once beautiful, cedar plank swing set had seen its day... Now it is looking ragged and trashy. We want to enjoy the view from our patio, and this big eyesore is all we see! The kids still play, climb, swing all over it. How can we make it a little easier to look at?

Kim Johnson
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Convertible Backyard A-frame Fort From a Swing Set.: We turned our old swing set into a new A-frame fort. Our kids stopped using the swing set and it was getting a little rickety as they got bigger. This new A-frame fort gets a lot more use and is usable year-round. In the warmer months, they even sle…

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by Connie Oswald Stofko Phyllis Lobbins, a Master Gardener from Cheektowaga, had a swing frame that might have gone out to trash, but she came up with a great use for it: She made it into a trellis for her cucumbers and squash. “I used regular garden twine because that was all I had on hand at the time,” Lobbins said, “but I would prefer using nylon string, or something that would not break down as quickly as twine. “I...

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