Storybook cottage

Transform your home into a fairytale retreat with these charming storybook cottage ideas. Create a whimsical and magical atmosphere that will transport you to a different world.
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Storybook Cottage House Plans...Hobbit Huts to Cottage Castles!

The storybook cottage house plans shown here appear to have come from a children's book. However, though the line is blurred between imaginary and real, the plans included here are, indeed, VERY REAL!

Lela & Louise
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English Storybook Cottage + Floor Plan

I would be thrilled to see someone build this charming English cottage near me. Could you even find the craftsmen to take the time necessary to pull it off? Masons today aren't often even given the opportunity to construct real chimneys like this or real stucco on the home's exterior. It upsets me no end to see a wooden box go up instead and stone or brick veneer applied later. Why are forever homes becoming a thing of the past? Click here to enlarge.

Kate Craymer