Stars and moon

Transform your space into a magical wonderland with these stars and moon decor ideas. Add a touch of enchantment to your home and create a celestial atmosphere that will inspire awe.
15 Stunning Stars and Moon Pictures on Pinterest - Corel Discovery Center S5 Wallpaper, Moon And Stars Wallpaper, Night Sky Moon, Stars Wallpaper, Night Sky Wallpaper, World Wallpaper, Moon Pictures, Sky Pictures, Moon Photography

15 Stunning Stars and Moon Pictures - Corel Discovery Center

There is in no way a shortage of stars and moon pictures on the internet. We spent a little time, ok maybe a lot of time, going through them and picked out our favorites. If you have captured your own amazing star and moon photos, share them in our photo gallery! Image by James Wheeler…

Julie Ann Frazier
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Orion's Umbra

Google+ ~ Zazzle ~ Blog 17 minutes into Umbra, she was still glowing blue on the edge. And what a great site she was! Of course I had to blind pan it as it was nowhere near Orion. Some noise redux and a crop, otherwise no PS. About the blueish glow: The color temperature setting on camera was set in the cool range to draw this out. Eclipse researcher Dr. Richard Keen of the University of Colorado explains: "Most of the light illuminating the Moon passes through the stratosphere, and is…

Kimberly Hawkins