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Discover a collection of insightful and uplifting spiritual thoughts that will bring peace and inspiration to your life. Explore ideas to deepen your spiritual journey and find inner wisdom.
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We’ve all heard countless lessons, talks, and conference addresses on the importance of the Holy Ghost in our lives, and we can easily reel off a list of the amazing ways He can bless us. But there are aspects of the Holy Ghost that are commonly overlooked or forgotten, and it is important to understand all the resources and gifts available to us through Him so that we can go through life obtaining the most peace and happiness possible.

Christine Hill
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Looking for some spiritual quotes for inspiration? We have rounded up some inspirational spritual quotes, sayings, proverbs, messages, and status (with images and pictures) from famous leaders, celebrities, authors, and spiritual gurus. The collection of spiritual uplifting quotes are not mere philosophies or conjectures dreamed by a group of people; rather they represent Supreme Truths, […]

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C.S. Lewis is hands down my favorite author – his words always hit home with me. I really admire his spiritual perspective and how it significantly helps me to learn more about myself and my Creator. He’s such a beautiful writer, and this first quote (below), is one of the best things about him: He writes about […]

Courtney Walker