Social emotional learning upper elementary

Discover effective strategies to foster social emotional learning in upper elementary students. Equip them with essential skills for self-awareness, empathy, and positive relationships.
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Social emotional learning (SEL) is an integral part of education today. Check out these various ways to incorporate SEL activities today!

Mindset & Milestones: Project-Based Learning for Grades 5-12!
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Build classroom community with your grade 4 5 6 7 students using this social emotional anti bullying activity that will empower students to identify what hurts their feelings and have students see that words hurt the most. This activity will create a kinder, thoughtful classroom environment.

Bianca Natalie
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Social Emotional Learning (SEL) has been found to promote academic success and increase students' commitment to school. Generally, there are five key components that make up social emotional learning. These competencies include self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and decision making. Today, I'd like to focus on ways to help students develop self-awareness. Self-awareness includes one's ability to recognize emotions, have an accurate self-perception…

Jennifer Cannon Nichols
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Help your students become more empathetic and compassionate with these social emotional learning lessons and activity ideas that are perfect for back to school or for building classroom community any time of the year. Pull out a copy of Each Kindness by Jaqueline Woodson and your students will be re

Caitlyn Brand
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Are you on the lookout for engaging and fun ways to foster social-emotional learning (SEL) skills in your students? Well, you're in the right place! Whether you're a seasoned teacher or a fresh-faced educator, I've included a treasure trove of games that will transform your classroom into a hub of self-awareness, self-management, relationship building, social awareness, and responsible decision-making. These games are not only a breeze to implement, but are sure to have your students begging…

Sandra Mahri
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Have you been thinking about adding morning meetings to your classroom? I love doing morning meetings and have seen how effective they can be over the years in my 2nd - 5th grade classrooms. When other teachers sometimes ask me how I fit it all in, I try to explain that doing morning meetings has so many benefits that I feel like I gain time with better classroom behavior and community.

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