Social emotional learning activities middle school

Promote social-emotional growth in middle school students with these engaging activities. Explore effective strategies to develop their emotional intelligence and build strong relationships.
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Coping Skills Digital Game SEL Lesson - Middle School Counseling

Ok, so we need to talk about coping skills, specifically teaching coping skills SEL lessons at the middle school level. For a number of reasons, in the last

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Social Emotional Learning Activity to Build Relationships with Your Students

Build classroom community with your grade 4 5 6 7 students using this social emotional anti bullying activity that will empower students to identify what hurts their feelings and have students see that words hurt the most. This activity will create a kinder, thoughtful classroom environment.

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30+ Social-Emotional Strategies for Middle School Kids

30 social-emotional learning strategies for middle school kids to boost confidence and strengthen SEL skills students need for success.

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11 Essential Ways to Bring Social-Emotional Learning Activities into the Classroom

Learn about the importance of SEL and 11 essential ways that teachers can incorporate social-emotional learning activities into the classroom today.

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Social Emotional Learning Activities for Upper Elementary and Middle School Students

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) has been found to promote academic success and increase students' commitment to school. Generally, there are five key components that make up social emotional learning. These competencies include self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and decision making. Today, I'd like to focus on ways to help students develop self-awareness. Self-awareness includes one's ability to recognize emotions, have an accurate self-perception…

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Middle School Advisory

It is Literacy Week in our school this week. We are welcoming an author, illustrator, will have Book Swap, write about our reading memories for a whole school book and describe our favorite books in 25 words or less . . . throughout the building are some familiar faces in "Read On" posters with our favorite reads . . . check out some of our visitors . . . Author Ty Drago - Illustrator Victor Stabin - Thank you to the Educational Foundation for…

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What's On Your Plate?

A few weeks ago I was preparing professional development for first and second year teachers in my school district. New teachers not only need the basics of classroom management, routines, procedures and relationships....but this year they also need training on how to effectively be a remote educator. The first year of teaching is difficult under normal circumstances, but this is no normal year. I feel for these first year teachers as so much extra is being added to their already overflowing…

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15+ Simple SEL Practices to Start the Day

One of the very best times to integrate social emotional learning practices into the day is first thing in the morning. It's a great way to help kids and teens start their day off feeling connected, respected, and valued. By putting social-emotional learning first, we have pave the way for kids and

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