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How to draw tooth diagram labeled.

Teeth are structures useful for biting, tearing, chewing and grinding. All mammals have more or less same construction of tooth.A vertical section of a tooth shows three parts viz the crown, the neck and the root. Crown is the part lying above the gum, the neck is the part in level with the gum and the root is the part buried in the sockets of the jaw bones. The white part of the tooth is known as the enamel. This is the hardest substance present in the body. The enamel is the non living…

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How to draw Lungs diagram

Lungs are a pair of respiratory organs located in the chest cavity protected by rib cage. They are spongy elastic and are enclosed by two membranes called Pleura. Space between the two membranes of the Pleura is filled with fluid.Pleura protects the lungs from injury. Right lung is larger than the left lungs and it is made of three lobes while the left lung has only two lobes. A pipe like structure called Trachea carries the air from Nose through Neck, thoracic cavity and opens into two…

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