School counseling activities

Discover a variety of fun and interactive school counseling activities to help students develop important skills and thrive academically. Encourage personal growth and emotional well-being with these engaging ideas.
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3 Easy, No-Prep, Fun SEL Activities for Kids

Quick, fun, no-prep SEL lesson activities that are perfect for before and after breaks or any time you need an extra fun guidance lesson

Meghan Reid
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Coping Skills Digital Game SEL Lesson - Middle School Counseling

Ok, so we need to talk about coping skills, specifically teaching coping skills SEL lessons at the middle school level. For a number of reasons, in the last

Robin Edmonds-Yeager
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What I don't do as a School Counselor

One of my biggest strengths (and weaknesses) is that I’m outspoken. There’s not much in the realm of school counseling that I don’t have a strong opinion about. That means there’s some things that are commonplace among other counselors that I don’t do – because they just aren’t in the best interest of my students. […]

Dani Nicole