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Explore a collection of satirical illustrations that cleverly challenge societal norms and provoke thought. Discover thought-provoking and humorous artwork that will leave you questioning the world around you.
Satirical Illustrations Of Today’s Problems Drawn In The Style Of The 50s Satirical Illustrations, Ilustrasi Satir, Mode Teenager, Pictures With Deep Meaning, 동화 삽화, Meaningful Pictures, Visual Metaphor, Social Art, Deep Art

Satirical Illustrations Of Today’s Problems Drawn In The Style Of The 50s

John Holcroft is a well-known British illustrator who has worked for BBC, Reader's Digest, The Guardian and the Financial Times, among others. However, what makes him famous are not his employers, but the brilliant satire reflected in his illustrations and the retro style he uses to create them.

Sebastián Píriz
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Illustration About Mental Health At A Time Of Social Isolation

There are a lot of issues in today's society. Addiction to social media, devaluation of workers, unhealthy lifestyles, and that's just a few of them. A lot of us don't even notice these problems; we either ignore them or don't run into them at all. However, artist John Holcroft tackles them head-on and illustrates the issues of today's world in his satirical and honest art.

Bedřich Liptovský
Artist Reveals What’s Wrong With Our Modern Society In These 32 New Satirical Illustrations Satirical Illustrations, Satire Illustration, Daily Cartoon, Barista Fashion, Modern Society, Change Image, Cute Cats And Dogs, Virtual World, Satire

New Illustrations By Artist Pawel Kuczynski That Continue To Put Their Finger On The Wounds Of Today's Society (61 Pics)

Art is not just about beauty. One of its greatest powers is precisely the ability to reveal the realities of the world without having to use absolutely any words, thus crossing the borders of language limitations.

Artist Reveals What’s Wrong With Our Modern Society In These 30 Satirical Illustrations Satirical Illustrations, Society Problems, Motvational Quotes, Future Society, Haiwan Lucu, Modern Society, Highly Sensitive Person, Deep Art, How To Make Animations

Iranian Artist Criticizes Society's Problems In Strong Illustrations

Today we’d like for you to meet the artist Mahnaz Yazdani. Mahnaz’s deep and meaningful work often portrays society's problems in surrealistic illustrations that tend to show how everyday people (just like us) suffer from things that seemingly the rest of our modern society refuses to acknowledge more often than not.

D O'Brien

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