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When it comes to recycling old stuff, the creativity of people is endless. Look around you and you'll find a long list of seemingly useless things that can be turned into something of worth. Car guys are no different when it comes to this. They're not unfamiliar, after all, to busted or broken objects that are usually just thrown away. With a bit of imagination, they have proven that your blown pistons or old tires can still be useful. So without further ado, here are 5 more car parts…

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About this item ➤Product material: Including steel ball, frosted glass, fishing line, plastic base. ➤Newton’s cradle: Newton’s cradle demonstrates the-third-law of motion by swinging the sphere; when a ball is lifted and released, it transmits power through the rest of the ball, pushing the end ball in the opposite direction. ➤Great for home ornament, study or office desk table decor accessories, etc. Also good for birthday gift and kids toy. ➤Not only demonstrates thependulum, but also…

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Easy to read: Large display and bright LED makes it easier to see the numbers from every angle. Easy to use: Easy to set time, alarm and snooze with an intuitive touch control. Detailed brightness control: Adjust LED brightness to a desired level easily with a rolling button on the upper right corner. All-in-one display: Easily check time, temperature, humidity, alarm and snooze from a single display. The time can be viewed in 12/24H format and temperature in °C or °F. The large LED display…

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