Rendering lard

Learn the process of rendering lard and discover the benefits of using this versatile ingredient in your cooking. Follow our step-by-step guide and get started with rendering lard today.
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It was the mystery of the missing pig fat… That almost sounds like it could go with a Nancy Drew novel, huh? Our first home butchering experience was last year when we cut up our steer. (If you are curious about the emotional aspect of butchering one of your own animals, you’ll find this post interesting.) […]

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Lard is a perfect fat in so many ways. Its high smoke point makes it an excellent choice for frying. Its large fat molecules give pastries and pie crusts a beautiful, flakey texture. My favorite reason to use lard? It's super high in Vitamin D! It's time to bring back the ages-old tradition of rendering fat in our kitchens! Here's how to render lard in your crock pot.

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