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Discover unique and eco-friendly ways to repurpose recycled leather. Get inspired with DIY projects and learn how to add a touch of style to your home with recycled leather decor.
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The last time we saw someone trying to recycle leather waste, the results were mixed (literally). But designer Lars Beller Fjetland has managed to create a beautiful, finished, production-ready product from leather scraps. The line of pillows is tellingly called Link. If you don't understand the construction of the cover,

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What to do when you formulate your own project for 6 weeks?I chose to use the opportunity to increase my leather-skills. I started out very systematicly, testing out the effects of different fluids, heat and pressure on thick, vegetable tanned leather.I found out that a suitcase could be an interesting product to make due to the properties of leather. As the leather have the great possibility of being pretty stiff but still very shapable and flexible, I saw the possibility of including a lot…

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Earlier, bags were just used as a storage commodity and hence, people were not selective about them. However, over the time, bags have become a necessary fashion accessory, which is not just a storage companion but adds style quotient to a person’s personality. So, folks are selective and seek to choose best bags. When picking up best bags, the quality of leather plays a vital role apart from other factors such as space, pattern, etc.

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