Quantum Physics

Dive into the mind-bending concepts of quantum physics and unravel the mysteries of the universe. Discover top ideas and resources to expand your knowledge and explore the cutting-edge advancements in this captivating field.
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A particle is trapped inside a black hole. What is the probability it will escape via quantum tunneling? To figure this out, we begin by defining the variables involved: The diagram below shows two regions: I and O. Region I is inside the event horizon, within the Schwarzshild radius (rs). Region O is outside the event horizon. The question we ask is what is the probability the particle (red dot) will reach region O? And, we could also ask what is the probability the particle will fail to…

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The most direct connection between quantum physics and the law of attraction comes from The Observer Effect which proves that particles come into existence when…

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In May 1972 in a uranium enrichment plant in France, scientists examining ore from a mine in Gabon, West Africa, discovered that a natural nuclear reactor had spontaneously manifested in that region in the Earth’s primordial past, churning out approximately 100 Kw worth of energy continuously for a few hundred thousand years about 1.7 billion years ago. In order to [...]