Prom dresses long with sleeves for teens

Discover a stunning collection of long sleeve prom dresses for teens. Make a fashion statement at your prom with these elegant and trendy dresses that are perfect for any style and body type.

⚠️DISCONTINUED⚠️ Imagine going to school in the middle of a crisis. Imagine being in a school with the person that has caused the most trouble in the wizarding world. Y/n Snape finally gets to go to Hogwarts in her fourth year. But she gets caught up in the adventures of Harry Potter and his friends. Love sprouts from the ground. But that love is wrong. Then comes Draco Malfoy. An arrogant, snobby rich kid. Constantly teasing her. Who knows what comes next?

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Chloe Forbes loving mother of Henry Mikaelson and surrogate mom to Lizzie and Joise Saltzman. But most shocking of all, ex lover to klaus Mikaelson. Beautiful and amazing cover make by: @-despressos ❤️ Story wrote in 2019! And it's on hold!

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