Princess and the bride costume

Get ready for a magical celebration with these enchanting princess and bride costume ideas. Find the perfect outfit to make your fairytale wedding or event unforgettable.
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These photos are from Saturday - the second day of Wondercon in Anaheim. I knew this was going to be a busy day - and it was. It was absolutely fantastic to be able to shoot with so many fine Cosplayers. Their costumes were great and they were so much fun to work with. I hope they like the photos I took. Thanks to everyone that let me shoot with them. I took these photos in March 2018.

Michaela Moon
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After going with a comedic costume last year (Gandalf and "Fro"do.) We decided to go with a more cutesy costume this year! So all I have to say is… "Twoo wuv is what bwings us togetha tooday" "As you wish" and "anybody want a peanut?" Happy Halloween!!!

Kelsey Johnson