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Explore the world of power electronics and discover how it is transforming the way we live. Learn about the latest advancements and find out how you can harness its potential for your projects.
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For any electronics project, we require a power source. In our previous article How to Run an ESP32 on Battery, we have discussed about the challenges with direct powering with battery. As most of the projects require 3.3V DC to 5V DC, we need some system which can be charged with a mobile charger and …

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How to Build a Power Supply for Electronics Hobby: This power supply can be used by electronics hobbyists. Materials: PC Power Supply with Cord 3/8" MDF Wood On/Off Switch From Old Computer 1 Red LED 1 Green LED 6 Banana Jack Sockets Heat Shrink Tubing Plexiglass (Lexan) Wood Screws Drill Motor Dr…

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Recovering Old PC Power Supplies: Since the 1990s, the world has been invaded by PCs. The situation continues to this day. Older computers, until 2014 ... 2015, are largely out of use. As each PC has a power supply, there are a large number of them abandoned in the form of waste. Th…

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Hundreds of billions of power MOSFET transistors power our electric vehicles and electronics. A new gallium oxide design could make them more efficient Electronic Circuit Board, Computer Processors, Power Electronics, Macro Shots, Transistor Radio, Voltage Regulator, Background Black, Electric Vehicles, Electronics Circuit

A University at Buffalo team has proposed a new form of power MOSFET transistor that can handle incredibly high voltages with minimal thickness, heralding an efficiency increase in the power electronics of electric vehicles.

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