Pound of fat

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So You've Only Lost ONE Pound?

In anyones journey to lose weight, get in shape, tone up, or whatever their individual goal maybe, there remains a common enemy: the scale. (duh duh duhhh!) Well get over that fear, face it, embrace it, what ever it takes; hell, fake it til you make it. See the scale only represents a number of mass, it doesn't represent the volume of space that it occupies. Losing a pound, a single, "measly" pound, means you have BURNT off 3500 calories! So if you have lost a pound, congratulations, you…

Same Weight Different Body Composition, Toned Vs Muscular, 150 Pound Woman Looks Like, Same Weight Fat Vs Muscle, 160 Pound Woman 5'4, 180 Pound Woman Looks Like, 170 Pound Woman, 145 Lbs Woman, 150 Pound Woman

People Are Sharing Photos Of Themselves Weighing The Same But Looking Completely Different, And It’s Inspirational (40 Pics)

A pound isn’t equal to every other pound and a kilogram isn’t the same as every other kilogram. Body composition matters.

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