Pouch packaging

Enhance the appeal of your products with creative pouch packaging. Explore top ideas to make your packaging stand out and attract more customers to your brand.
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Eat-N-Go Student Packaging Design Concept

Eat-n-Go is a set of ready-to-serve portioned breakfasts, where package could be used as a bowl. A pouch is designed for one portion of granola – 80g. That maintains the idea if there is no proper dish at a hand a consumer could simply add some milk or yogurt to the opened package and enjoy a healthy breakfast.

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Branding & Packaging Design for Summerhill Market by Blok — BP&O

Summerhill Market is a family-run business, managed by the third generation, with premises on Toronto’s Summerhill Avenue and a smaller location—a floral boutique—on Mt. Pleasant Rd. The store has 200 employees, a butchers, bakery and deli, a BBQ in the summer and offers a variety of catering services. Summerhill Market is admired for its high quality products, and its ...

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