Pink and green

Explore stunning pink and green color combinations to transform your home into a vibrant and refreshing space. Discover ideas for decor, furniture, and accessories that will bring a pop of color to any room.
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Lilium 'Brindisi' (Longiflorum-Asiatic Lily)

Fragrant, Lilium 'Brindisi' is a highly romantic-looking LA hybrid Lily that is full of charm with its upward-facing, soft pink flowers revealing a deeper pink throat. The pleasantly scented blossoms, up to 7 buds per stem, contrast nicely with the lance-like green foliage. LA Hybrid Liliums result from a cross between Asiatic and longiflorum lilies.

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You know what I love more than pink and more than green? Pink and green together, whether in bright shades or muted tones or a mixture of one and the other; pink and green just go and I’ve collected together a mood board of images to give inspiration to you, whatever project you’re embarking on.

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Light Pink and Green ― Color Scheme 45

Light Pink and Green Color Scheme These are hexadecimal color codes, which represent specific colors in the RGB color space. Here are the corresponding RGB values for each of the codes: #5b744b: This is a dark green color, with RGB values of (91, 116, 75).

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