Photography Techniques

Enhance your photography skills with these proven techniques. Learn how to capture stunning images and take your photography to the next level.
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External Strobe Accessory Comparisons

I've been reading photographers' discussions on various external strobe accessories. I had these tests done some years back for my textbook, "Photojournalism: The Professionals' Approach." From top to bottom, the Indoor/Outdoor comparisons are for: Direct Flash Bouncing the strobe off a ceiling Lumiquest Omnidome Through an umbrella Off an umbrella Through a softbox Outdoors or in a large ballroom or gymnasium, all the accessories work less well at softening shadows. The scattered light rays…

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Special Effect - How to Create Multiple Flash Exposures in a Single Frame

Many photographic techniques, rightfully, tend to focus on polished images. They vary anywhere on the spectrum from getting sharper images to capturing accurate skin tones. These techniques are important. However, sometimes they’re not very much fun. Sometimes, that’s precisely what you need to have, and exactly what photography should be – fun. This article will guide […]

Lilia Souldatou
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Stunning Photography Ideas You Must Try - How To Take Creative Travel Photos Like A Pro

Looking for travel photography tips that will help take your photos to the next level? Then keep reading! I discuss my top tips from over the years...

Tim Krajnik

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