Permanent eyebrows microblading

Enhance your beauty with the art of permanent eyebrows microblading. Discover the natural and long-lasting solution to perfectly shaped brows and wake up with flawless eyebrows every day.
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Which Brow Enhancement Method Is Right For You? Microblading, Powder Brows or Nano Brows?

Which Brow Enhancement Method Is Right For You? Microblading, Powder Brows or Nano Brows? By now, you’ve likely heard of Microblading, but what about Ombre Powder Brows or Nano Brows? Also, what’s the difference between these Permanent Makeup Procedures (PMU)? And which technique is best for you? At M Beauty Studio, we’re always glad to […]

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Alternatives to Microblading - Bomb Brows without Blades

Some people are not good candidates for microblading and need to look for other treatments. Here are some great alternatives to microblading.

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Eyebrow Tinting vs Microblading - Treatments Compared

With so many brow enhancement options, it can be so hard to choose! Let's compare eyebrow tinting vs microblading and help you decide.

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Microblading eyebrows - 10 things to know before your appointment

Microblading is a hot new beauty trend, bringing confidence to those were not gifted with full eyebrows. I was born with really light features, my brows included. The first half of my brows are a

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