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Explore the innovative work of Paul Rand and his lasting impact on the field of graphic design. Discover his iconic logos, groundbreaking techniques, and how his design principles continue to inspire designers today.
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This is the fourth part in an occasional series on film (or movie) posters. I have previously featured "Film Posters 1913-1929", "Film Posters 1930s" and "Film Posters 1940s" (see index under "F"). This is part 1 of a 3-part post on film posters of the 1950s: 1950 Across the Badlands 1950 All About Eve 1950 Backfire 1950 Black Hand 1950 Bunco Squad 1950 Conspirator 1950 D.O.A. 1950 Deadly is the Female 1950 Fugitive Lady 1950 Gun Crazy 1950 Gunmen of Abilene 1950 In a Lonely Place 1950 Mark…

Dayna Feldman
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In one of our lectures, Jonathan Baldwing mentioned a graphic designer called Paul Rand which I hadn't heard of and thought I'd look him up and learn more about him. I started by going on his official website, where I found a lot of information about him including articles he has written, videos and interviews. In his website you can find some of his work, I looked into what he has done as a designer, but what interests me most is the way he talks about design. Rand, was mostly self taught…

Karlenne Hager Trimble