Paint horse

Discover the stunning beauty of paint horses with their unique coat patterns and colors. Find out everything you need to know about these remarkable equines and get inspired to own one yourself.
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Facts You Didn't Know About the American Paint Horse

The American Paint Horse belongs to the bloodline of Quarter Horses and Thoroughbred horses and is immensely popular because of their coat. They are praised for the spectacular characteristics of western stock horses merged with the white and dark coat forming pinto patterns all across the body. This specific type of horse was introduced by the Spanish in the 16th century in the Northern province of America. These paint horses had however dominated the western continent and were highly…

Kasia Sokołowska
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The View Between These Ears - Horses & Heels

Thank you Rohto Dry-Aid for sponsoring this post. Last month I talked about battling summer dust and my secret weapon. I’m back talking about how Rohto Dry-Aid has impacted my dry eye and irritation since I’ve incorporated it into my summer riding routine. I thought I would share some of my gorgeous views along the

John Phelps
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GoHorseShow - Valentine's Day Matchmaking: Paint Performance Stallion Edition

February, the “month of love,” brings the spirit of romance and prepares us for spring. We are caught up in the spirit by playing Cupid for your eligible bachelorettes (mares) as we showcase some of the top paint bachelors (stallions) in the industry to be “the one” for your mares this breeding season. One of […]

Gina Franz