Pain management during labor

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Coping with labor pain may seem daunting, but here are several ways to ease the process via massage, counter pressure, aromatherapy and more!

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I had a 24 hour unmedicated labor. Yes, 24 hours of labor with no epidural. So I can speak from experience when I say you can have an unmedicated hospital birth. But preparing for an unmedicated birth is definitely something I would encourage doing, first! Read our childbirth education tools! From unmedicated hospital birth tips, unmedicated labor affirmations, how to manage labor pain in a natural birth, and labor and delivery tips, we cover it all! Preparing for unmedicated birth is…

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Looking for natural ways to manage your pain during labor? In search of the best tips and tricks to avoid an epidural? The pain during childbirth can be excruciating, especially as your contractions start to get stronger and longer. But, it is totally possible to minimize your pain with natural methods and avoid an epidural.

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Best Labor Advice for Dads! These tips for dads during labor and delivery will help you be the best support for mom you can be as you prepare to bring your baby into the world. From labor pain management to being an advocate at the hospital, you will be well-prepared to help a new mom. A new dad's guide to labor. #laboranddelivery #dadlife #pregnancy #tipsfornewdads

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If there is one thing that I am asked about more than anything else being a labor and delivery nurse, it's what tips do I have to successfully manage labor pains. Pregnant mamas often worry about the pain of childbirth more than anything else in their pregnancies. I get it. Labor can be daunting! Especially

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