Experience the charm of otters with our collection of adorable moments captured on camera. Dive into the world of these playful creatures and be captivated by their cuteness.
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Sea Otter

The Sea Otter (Enhydra lutris) is an oceanic species of otter and the largest of aquatic mustelids. Along with the marine otter (Lontra felina), they are the smallest marine mammals and the only marine mustelids. Sea otters are considered a keystone species throughout most of their range because they keep kelp forests in check from too many sea urchins and clams. Sea otter also have the densest coat of any animal. This coat traps in air bubbles, so their coat keeps their skin dry even diving…

Henri Ouellet
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30 Pics Of The Most Adorable Sea Otter Babies

Who doesn’t love watching baby sea otters holding hands, playing, and using each other’s tummies as rafts? Sea otters, which live in northern coastal areas of the Pacific Ocean, are iconically adorable animals, their charm makes them great mascots for environmental protection efforts, and their importance to their local ecosystems cannot be understated.


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