Origami and quilling

Explore the world of origami and quilling with these creative ideas. Learn how to create stunning paper crafts and unleash your crafty side with step-by-step tutorials and inspiration.
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How to make a Teardrop Swirl Quilling flower tutorial

Hello again! I'm so delighted to share with everyone here about this quilling flower tutorial that I uploaded on my YouTube channel yesterday. Those who subscribes to my YouTube channel probably have already watched the tutorial. If not, please head straight to the video now at the link HERE to find out how you can make this Teardrop Swirl quilling flower. As always, I decided to share the tutorial because there was so many requests for it. I get most of the requests from my followers on…

Christene Ellis
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Large Twisted Loops Flowers - Quilling Tutorial

Hello everyone! So I'm back with a blog post today after I uploaded a new quilling tutorial yesterday on my YouTube channel. I think it's been about 2 months or so since I last made a quilling tutorial there and I was working on another quilling tutorial but I decided to postpone that one and do this one first since this one is connected to the previous quilling tutorial that I did last August. It has something to do with the Twisted Loops and so I thought it would be better to do this one…

María Luisa Zamudii
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Paper Quilling a Heart

Calling all you 'quill' seekers, here's a fun project for you to try. Paper quilling a heart! Seeing as Valentines is just around the corner, how about making a loved one a quilled heart rather than a boring card this year? And the best thing about this project is you don't need any specialist equipment either, boom!Quilling is the art of rolling up lengths of paper, shaping them and sticking them down to form a picture or pattern. It's super easy and the results can look pretty impressive!I…

Teri Garrett