Nico Di Angelo

Scopri tutto quello che c'è da sapere su Nico Di Angelo, uno dei personaggi più affascinanti della serie di libri Percy Jackson. Leggi per conoscere la sua storia e le sue avventure emozionanti.
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The Father of Monsters has Risen - Chapter Four - Will?

Nico was being forced to go to Hogwarts by his father. It's been two years since Nico and Will had gotten together. Nico was still a bit weak from the war but not enough to kill him every time he summons the dead. As the new professor at Hogwarts, his job is to teach students how to defend against the new prophecy. Harry has learned about a new person attending their school. He prays they aren't another death eater, but he gets someone worse. Someone who radiates death and destruction. It's…


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