Networking basics

Get started with networking basics and learn how to build connections, troubleshoot issues, and optimize your network performance. Discover essential tips and tricks to level up your networking skills today.

Vijay Kadam on LinkedIn: Popular Network Protocol 🔹HTTP 🔹HTTP/3 (QUIC) 🔹HTTPS 🔹WebSocket 🔹TCP… | 50 comments

Popular Network Protocol 🔹HTTP 🔹HTTP/3 (QUIC) 🔹HTTPS 🔹WebSocket 🔹TCP 🔹UDP 🔹SMTP 🔹FTP | 50 comments on LinkedIn

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Networking Tips You Wish You Knew Before [Infographic]

You need to know about some networking tips and tricks in order to work efficiently. Such knowledge will help you solve complex tasks and will save your time too. The infographic in this article covers a lot in this regard.

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LAN Advantages and Disadvantages | Local Area Network Advantages and Disadvantages

LAN Advantages and Disadvantages: LAN may be equated to a toy train in that it has multiple coaches coupled to it and moves on a rail that is circular in form and therefore cannot transit outside of that route. Likewise, LAN refers to a system that unites a collection of computers inside a certain physical […]