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Experience the beauty of natural perfumes with our top recommendations for the best brands. Find your signature scent and indulge in the captivating aromas of nature.
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26 Best Non-Toxic Perfumes (Guide + Tips from a Top Natural Perfumer) - ORGANIC BEAUTY LOVER

This is the most in-depth comprehensive guide to natural & non toxic perfumes to help you find the best one for YOU! Plus my personal faves!

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25 Niche Natural Perfume Houses You Should Know in 2024 - ORGANIC BEAUTY LOVER

Clean perfume brands like Henry Rose may be Sephora-famous, but did you know there is an entire world of niche perfume houses turning nature into olfactive art? These hidden gems are well kept secrets within the fragrance community, largely untouched by capitalism (thank goodness) so they can remain true to their roots and produce in […]

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Fragrance Blending 101: Fragrance Concentrations Guide The process of fragrance blending involves the careful selection of individual fragrance notes, which can be obtained from natural sources such as flowers, fruits, and spices, as well as synthetic compounds. These notes are then combined in precise proportions to create a well-balanced and appealing fragrance. The art of fragrance blending requires a good sense of smell, creativity, and a deep understanding of the characteristics and…

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5 Natural Perfumes To Fragrance Your Life

Once upon a time, back when hieroglyphs were scrawled upon the walls in Ancient Egypt, perfume was curated from crushed flowers and essential oils. By the time it had flourished on the shores of Europe in the 19th century, scientists were already extracting the chemical compounds of scent and seeking ways to create synthetic versions that held potency for longer periods of time. These days, many perfumes are completely synthetic and hold thousands of chemicals and nothing natural. For those…