Naive art

Explore the enchanting world of naive art and get inspired by top ideas and creations. Immerse yourself in the whimsical and colorful masterpieces that capture the essence of simplicity and innocence.
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“Every day, I try to capture love in images” Claude A Simard “The painting of Claude A. Simard, a multifaceted creator who has managed to render beauty, from a pictorial point of view… insightful! Over time, his approach changes, his spirit, itself, remains the same from beginning to end. And what is this peculiar spirit

Tanja Eikenboom
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I choose to paint in my own stylized version of Americana incorporating some elements of realism and folk art. In this way I can transcend the structures and confines of realism. My technique allows for the use of bright colors, simplicity of form, and fine detail as well as diverse subject matter. I create what I call “magic perspective” enabling the viewer to observe the scene from many different points at the same time.

antonella perrella