Mythical creatures art

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of mythical creatures with stunning art. Discover vibrant and imaginative artworks that bring fantasy to life, and let your imagination soar.
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What Mythical Creature Am I?

When you think about it, mythical creatures are like caricatures of normal people, exaggerating their traits to extremes.

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marine by sirfluff-thefluff | Fantasy creatures art, Mythical animal, Cute fantasy creatures

Description i forgot to upload her here??? like ? ?? ??? anyways, here's my bab marine!, she (more of a "them" buy thay are more close of being a "her" so 👀) is based on manta ray,goblin shark and basicly the fear of the ocean 👌 used an obtained MYO slot from a halloween contest! she's probably a monster tear due to her size/active slime parts and multiple limbs? but not sure hh here's their TH if your interested edit: NO SHE'S NOT INSPIRED BY TOOTHLESS GOD DAMMIT…

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The Magical Creature Handbook - Tatzelwurm

Need to know your creatures and magical beasts? You've come to the right place. This book replicates a geographic textbook. It includes all demons, beasts, creatures and hybrids used within my books. They will not be in alphabetical order until my books are finished because it'll just be extremely difficult to maintain. Some of the creatures are created by me, other's are not (it'll be obvious). If you would like to use my book as reference for your readers so they understand, please ask for…

Stormy Harbour