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Discover the benefits of Montessori practical life activities and how they can help your child develop important life skills. Get inspired with top ideas to create a hands-on learning environment at home.
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If you are new to Montessori, practical life is a great way to start with children under the age of six. Today I want to share some practical life activities we've been using with our three-year-old (42 months). These are useful for us right now as they are based on skills we are wanting to teach our child or are based on tasks we need help with around our home. These activities use materials we already have. Cleaning eyeglasses - the aim of this activity is to show the child how to handle…

Sidney Mcclelland
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As promised, here is the easy tutorial for this boho inspired fringe trim chandelier. I couldn't quite find the finishing touch to the bedding area of the guest room refresh I was looking for. I wanted a decorative chandelier, but couldn't quite find what I was looking for at the right price. I headed to

Magali Martie
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The title is slightly misleading as all of these snacks have had some adult involvement, however once they are presented to the child of around three, they may be able to do the rest themselves. Presenting snacks like this allows the child to develop practical life skills like peeling, slicing and spreading. These activities can also help develop fine motor skills. Here are a few snacks that we've enjoyed this week: Fruit Kababs - using cocktail sticks (sharp one end, blunt the other) the…

Janene Raisman

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