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Discover inspiring design ideas for modern Chinese restaurants. Create a stylish and inviting ambiance that will leave a lasting impression on your diners.
When VIP guest push open the restaurant’s oriental door and walk into the private room, their attention is immediately drawn to traditional mix with modern Chinese elements such as grey tiles, wood craft work blend with stone cladding wall panel, red color coat glass enhanced with neon light, oriental dining set and ancient collectible display items, all evoking the saga era during Eastern Han dynasty followed by the Western Jin dynasty. Bar Hallway Design, Hamburg, Chinese Luxury Interior, Modern Chinese Restaurant Design, Modern Chinese Cafe, Chinese Elements Design, Ancient Chinese Room, Chinese Interior Design Traditional, Chinese Traditional Interior


This time around, Red Land Group Sdn Bhd was engaged by a pioneer food business operator to comes up with a modern oriental steamboat restaurant in Ipoh based on the legendary Three Kingdoms concept.

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Red Alert: Won Fun Chinese Restaurant & 2Fun Chinese Lounge - PAGODA RED Stories

PAGODA RED has some fascinating neighbors. We’re fortunate to be in the city’s most desirable area, where tech companies, cafes, bars and restaurants abound. Hunger (and thirst) is satisfied in any number of Michelin Star-winning ways around the West Loop. Our favorite recent discovery, the concept known as Won Fun Restaurant and 2Fun Chinese Lounge, is […]

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Travel Photography - Welcome TrekEarth users! - Hello everyone, For those unaware, we recently, regrettably, shuttered another site. It was home to some of the best photos from around the world I've ever seen. We wanted to give the users of that site a second chance, where their diversity, worldliness, and talent would

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Sydney's new rooftop restaurant Duck & Rice | Indesignlive Rice Restaurant Design, Chinese Restaurants Interiors Design, Asian Industrial Interior, Modern Asian Restaurant Design, Chinese Modern Restaurant, Modern Chinese Restaurant Interior, Restaurant Door Design, Japanese Restaurant Exterior, Restaurant Modern Design

Sydney's new rooftop restaurant Duck & Rice | IndesignLive

Hogg & Lamb Architects celebrates the fusion of cultures, traditions and history at the luxurious rooftop restaurant Duck & Rice nestled in Sydney's CBD.