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Explore the captivating works of acclaimed author Michael Moorcock and immerse yourself in his imaginative and thought-provoking storytelling. Discover his iconic characters, epic sagas, and groundbreaking contributions to the fantasy genre.
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Buy a cheap copy of The Elric Saga: Part I: Elric Of... book by Michael Moorcock. The haunted, treacherous and doomed albino sorcerer-prince, is one of the great creations of modern fantasy. An introspective weakling in thrall to his soul-eating... Free Shipping on all orders over $15.

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Elric of Melniboné, also called The Albino Emperor, Elric Womanslayer, Elric Kinslayer, the Pale Prince of Ruins, The White Wolf, and many other names beside, is the four hundred and twenty-eighth (and final) emperor of Melniboné and an incarnation of the Eternal Champion. Elric is symbiotically bound to his runesword Stormbringer. "It is the colour of a bleached skull, his flesh; and the long hair which flows below his shoulders is milk-white. From the tapering, beautiful head stare two…

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