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Discover the benefits of growing your own medicinal herbs garden and learn how to create a serene and healing space right in your backyard. Start your journey to natural wellness today.
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NOTE: This article is about 20 of my favorite medicinal healing herbs to grow in most garden areas and types of soil. There are 100’s more, though, that I just couldn’t include because of space. Enjoy this rundown of 20 of my favorites. Have you ever wondered which medicinal herbs are the best on

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Would you love to step out into the garden and gather medicine for your family? Do you dream of a pretty garden full of useful herbs? Many of you have told me you do...but you don't know where to start. "Which herbs should I grow?" is a common question. Today, I'm going to walk you through the decision-making process - and suggest a few specific herbs, too. The Best Way to Begin a Medicinal Herb Garden The best place to begin planning a medicinal herb garden is not by sketching out designs…

Alicia Martin
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9 Herbs that want to take over your garden. Once planted, these herbs will reseed themselves or send out runners to multiply to all available space! 9 different herbs that are very useful medicinally, but you have to be careful of where you plant them in your herb garden!

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