Macro photography insects

Explore the fascinating world of insects through macro photography. Discover stunning ideas to capture the intricate details and beauty of insects up close.
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35 Stunning Macro Photography Ideas — Smashing Magazine

**Macro photography** is also known as close-up photography. Compared to other types of photography, macro photography is quite difficult, because of the nifty equipment, lightning and other techniques involved. However, in the end it comes down to what kind of pictures you want to take and what level of precision you are striving for.

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Social Miner Bee

Using the canon macrophoto 20mm f/3.5 again, but this time with Andrea's slow sync flash suggestion, and less magnification. Seems to make all the difference. 67 images in zerene. Ping pong ball diffuser. This miner bee is of the social variety. I found it struggling along the floor next to a nest at the base of a tree on a sunny day. Literally hundreds of them. This one must be a youngster as it was significantly smaller than most of them.