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Discover the artistic genius of Lynda Barry and get inspired to unleash your creativity. Explore her unique style and techniques to take your artistic journey to the next level.
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'What It Is' Plumbs the Depths of Creativity

Illustrator Lynda Barry has questions: What is an image? Where is your imagination? What is an imaginary friend, and are there imaginary enemies? Can you have thoughts without language? Barry grapples with these ideas and more in her new book of collages, What It Is.

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Lynda Barry’s Making Comics is a “cookbook” for people afraid to draw - Vox Alternative Comics, Journaling Thoughts, Lynda Barry, Cartoon Logo Design, Illustrated Journal, Making Comics, Visual Journals, Prompt List, Flair Pens

A cartooning superstar says drawing is our native language. It’s never too late to become fluent.

Making Comics is both stylish and engaging, a graphic manual for artists. Lynda Barry balances reprints of her lovingly hand-drawn homework assignments with illustrated examples she’s gathered from teaching students of all ages and skill levels, from toddlers to college kids, beginners to experts.

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Lynda Barry's "Making Comics" is one of the best, most practical books ever written about creativity / Boing Boing Queer Rave, Lynda Barry, Making Comics, Drawing Exercises, Comics Story, Visual Journal, How To Make Comics, Learning To Write, Camping Art

Lynda Barry's "Making Comics" is one of the best, most practical books ever written about creativity

I've been a fan of cartoonist, novelist and memoirist Lynda Barry for decades, long before she was declared a certified genius; Barry's latest book, Making Comics is an intensely practical, incredibly inspiring curriculum for finding, honing and realizing your creativity through drawing and writing.

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