Lighting and shading references

Explore a curated collection of lighting and shading references to spark your creativity and enhance your design projects. Discover new techniques and ideas to bring your designs to life.
Learn The Three-dimensional Effect! How to Add Light and Shadow | MediBang Paint Grayscale Art Reference, Ambient Lighting Drawing Tutorial, Lightning Reference, Shading Clothes, Learn Shading, Webtoon Background, Hair Shading, Digital Watercolor Art, الفن الرقمي

Find out how to add light and shadow to thick paintings.You'll learn the basics of light sources and shading. "I'm not sure how to add shadow..." "How do I make a difference with light in painting?" All % these worries will be solved.

TsukaEmu and RuiNene Prophet and Preacher
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There are many great artists around the world but it takes a special talent to capture people as realistically as Mayor Olajide does. The Nigerian artist is known for creating hyperrealistic 2/3-dimensional drawings using charcoal pencils.