Letterpress printing

Experience the timeless charm of letterpress printing. Learn about its history, process, and explore stunning examples that will inspire your next project.
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Getting Started With Letterpress Printing

Have you ever picked up a printed work and taken a minute to admire the feel of it? You hold the paper and get a feel for the thickness and texture while noting the impressions of each letter? That is the beauty of letterpress. This style of printing presses the image into the paper in [&h...

Frau Kösters
DIY Letter Press - Insightful tutorial on how to build a letterpress, although it could probably use a few refinements for repeatability (aka the end goal of any successful printmaker). Artsy Projects, Letterpress Machine, Letterpress Type, Bookbinding Tools, Letterpress Design, Bookbinding Tutorial, Book Press, Diy Letter, Letter Press

Build a Letterpress & Use It to Print Things

Build a Letterpress & Use It to Print Things: Shortly after getting engaged, it became clear letterpressed save-the-dates, invitations, rsvps, & thank you notes were in my future. After a bit of looking around at commercial letterpress, as well as used presses, it also became clear these t…

Martin Lussier
work by Frank Baseman, proprietor of Base Press.   #letterpress #posters Posters Conception Graphique, Inspiration Typographie, Letterpress Type, Letterpress Poster, Letterpress Design, Ben Franklin, Relief Printing, Minimalist Business Cards, Typographic Poster

Frank Baseman’s Inner Ben Franklin

Wood type is growing branches all over the country. Frank Baseman, proprietor of Base Press, is “channeling my inner Ben Franklin,” he says. Why? Because “I live just outside of Philadelphia; my first name is Frank; Ben was a very accomplished printer; and several of the quotes I have been using were from witty ole Ben.” His recent series of letterpress posters is the physical manifestation. His rebus quotes will be on view at the Rouse Gallery of the Stuckeman School at The

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