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Get inspired by these creative knifty knitter crafts and projects. Learn how to create beautiful and unique items using the knifty knitter tool. Start knitting today and unleash your creativity!
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Knifty Knitter Loom Stand for FREE: The ultimate upcycled loom stand for the knifty knitter looms This cost me $0 dollars to make! Very affordable! Materials you will need: • Old camera tripod (from my dad’s days as a want to be photographer) • Long Loom (given to me by a frie…

Jolene Schnell-VonSeggern
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Things you will need: 31 red Knifty Knitter loom or equivalent Loom hook 2 strands of Studio sample yarn (2 balls each ball needs to be about 60 yds and feels like a bulky #5 yarn ) A yarn needle (optional) Techniques you will need to know: How to Yarn over cast on How to Ewrap knit How to Purl stitch How to Drawstring cast off Pattern: Yarn over cast on all 31 pegs in the round Row 1 Ewrap knit 1, Purl 1, to the end of the row Row 2 Purl 1, Ewrap knit 1, to the end of the row Row 3 Ewrap…

Laura Theaker