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Uncover the mysteries of Kemet Egypt, one of the oldest and most fascinating civilizations in history. Discover the secrets of the pyramids, pharaohs, and hieroglyphics in this captivating journey through time.
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When Brian and I initially developed the idea of starting a blog together, I scoffed at the idea of starting one because I'm a reserved individual. My utter lack of respect for political correctness was another stumbling block. I'm also not the kind of person that wants to turn people the wrong way or have people misjudge me based on the content of the blog. After a while, I put aside all my reservations and here we are. With that said, I want to start this off by talking about what brings…

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42 Laws Of Maat | The 42 Laws of the Goddess Maat --- in order to learn and be one who teaches

The 42 Laws of the Goddess Maat are the real Origin of the Ten Commandments! They come from the Egyptian Book of the Dead Spell 125. 1. I WILL NOT DO WRONG 2. I WILL NOT STEAL 3. I WILL NOT ACT WIT…

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[Egypt 29866] ’Isis and the young Seti at Abydos.’ Zara

[EGYPT 29866] ’Isis and the young Seti at Abydos.’ This relief shows Isis caressing pharaoh Seti I as a child. She says to him: “You are my son, you have come forth from me, I have nursed you, in order to be Ruler of the Two Lands.” Sitting in the lap of Isis, Seti has taken the role of Horus, Isis’ child. Behind the pharaoh we see his Horus name (Powerful Bull in Thebes), written within a rectangle (a “serekh”) on which a falcon is perched. The rectangle is held by Seti’s “ka” (life force)…