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Enhance your teaching with these effective instructional strategies. Discover new techniques that will engage your students and promote active learning in the classroom.
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List of 107 Classroom Teaching Strategies (With Examples)

Use this list of 107 instructional strategies to fill-in that lesson plan or teaching portfolio with some high quality teaching strategies.Or, try some of these strategies out when you’re low on ideas and looking for a fresh way to teach in the classroom!

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Teaching Strategies Backed by Research

The 5 Best Methods & Specific Tips on HOW to Incorporate Each in Your Own Classroom Being a teacher is a tough business. It can be hard to navigate the classroom and know if your teaching methods are

Giuliana Pierce
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25 Quick and Easy Tips for New Teachers

These 25 quick and easy tips for new teachers will help you create a positive, engaging, and effective learning environment for your students.

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5 High Impact Teaching Strategies

High Impact Teaching Strategies are a set of reliable practices which can be used to shape teaching and learning in your classroom. There are, of course, many more high impact strategies you can use too – but for today we’re focusing in on these 5. The thinking behind High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS) is to […]

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