Indian cafe

Explore the flavors of India at a local cafe. Indulge in mouthwatering dishes and experience the rich and vibrant culinary traditions of the subcontinent.
Monsoon always calls for chai, whether it is from a tea stall or a fancy cafe!  #monsoon #tea #jaipurbeat #cafe Indian Tea Stall Design, Tea Shop Interior Vintage, Desi Cafe Design, Small Tea Cafe Interior Ideas, Chai Cafe Interior Design, Indian Tea Shop Interior, Chai Shop Interior, Chai Cafe Design, Tea Stall Ideas

A roadside thadi, or a fancy cafe, all you want in monsoon is a cup of chai. In fact, not just one, you can go up to 10 cups a day sometimes 😉 Is there any better comfort beverage than tea during r…

Jaipur Beat
Rasoi restaurant by Jean de Lessard Asian Interior, Modern Asian Interior Design, Indian Cafe, Indian Interior Design, Asian Interior Design, Pub Interior, Restaurant Interiors, Indian Interiors, Restaurant Concept

Created by the interior designer Jean de Lessard, the new Indian fusion restaurant Rasoï, located in Saint-Henri, Montréal, is a true heightened sum of sensations. I wanted to recreate through shapes how I perceived the colours and flavours of the Indian cuisine while I was in London, a few months before I was commissioned to design this peculiar project - Jean de Lessard To genuinely capture the Hindi spirit of the place, Jean de Lessard has combined geometric and organic shapes— the latter…

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