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Dive into the complexities of human nature and uncover fascinating insights about our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Discover how understanding human nature can enhance your relationships, personal growth, and overall well-being. Travis Bedel, Nature Collage, Brain Art, Medical Art, Collage Artists, A Level Art, Anatomy Art, Human Anatomy, Art Classes

San Francisco-based collage artist Travis Bedel aka Bedelgeuse creates astounding anatomical collages that splice together bones, tendons, and organs with flora and fauna. His collage work, mostly a hybrid of analog and digital techniques, takes on a surrealist quality as human anatomy seamlessly intertwines with crystals, flowers, and feathers. Deeply moved by the mysteries and potentialities of the human body, Bedelgeuse’s work revels in the relationship between humanity and nature.

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A collaborator of Pedro Almodovar's, Argentine-born artist Juan Gatti has credits that include graphic designer for films such as Volver, The Skin I Live In and The Flower of My Secret. Based in Madrid, the artist creates brightly-colored collages that complement the Spanish director's color-saturated cinematography and penchant for visual flourishes. Gatti's collages in the series "Ciencias Naturales" ("Natural Sciences" in English) turn the human anatomy into a canvas for his baroque…

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