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Explore the fascinating world of human body art and discover unique ideas to express your creativity. From intricate body paintings to stunning tattoos, find inspiration to transform your body into a captivating work of art.
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The law of proportion for the human figure is based on a unit of measurement that corresponds precisely to the measurements of the head. According to the

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Based in Seoul, Korea, Kyuin Shim is a digital artist and sculptor who executes dark and poignant visions by altering the human body. His latest sculptural series "Black Black" features several monochromatic renditions of mannequin-like figures whose bodies seem to disintegrate before one's eyes. In Korean, the title of the series has two meanings: "Black" and "Sound of Crying." The characters' flesh becomes consumed by bubbling matter that eventually turns into a downpour of water from…

Samuel Lopez
Dramatic Anatomical Drawings Comprised of Complex Hatched Colors by WanJim Gim | Colossal Human Figures, Cat Tattoos, Wanjim Gim, Anatomical Drawings, L'art Du Portrait, Human Figure Drawing, Colossal Art, Drawing Studies, Soyut Sanat Tabloları

Seoul-based artist WanJin Gim illustrates the form and gesture of the human body using complex hatched layers of color and dramatic lighting. He adds intrigue to poses that could be considered traditional figure drawing studies by adding abstracted lines and watercolor washes that integrate the fragmented body parts into a larger visual field. In an interview with Trending All Day, the artist describes his inspiration and process: I’m interested in expressing body temperature and skin smell…

David Goh
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