How to teach letter recognition and sounds

Discover proven strategies and activities to teach letter recognition and sounds to young learners. Help your child develop essential reading skills with these engaging techniques.
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7 Hands-on Ways to Practice Letter Recognition at home! Practice letters with these fun and easy to prep activities today!

Alyssa Ehresmann
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Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! (Effie style, minus the whole Reaping Day thing.) This is my very-first post here in my new blog. I'm crazy-excited! I hope you like it! You are probably here to learn how I SIGNIFICANTLY improved my student’s letter/sound fluency this year. Mind you, I did write SIGNIFICANTLY in capital letters for a reason. I’m screaming it at you: SIGNIFICANTLY!!!!!!!! This great change came after our incredible Reading Specialist suggested that I add motions to our letter/sound…

Chelsea Rushing
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Are you trying to teach letter identification? Are your kids tired of worksheets? I don't blame them. Worksheets can be boring. It's much better to teach letter identification through play. So, here are five fun and active games that you can use to help your child learn their letters. For even more help teaching reading, please check out my homeschool curriculum

Becky Nunn