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Discover the thrill of riding a Honda Grom motorcycle. Find the latest models, accessories, and tips to enhance your riding experience. Get ready to hit the road with style and power.
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Grom Reaper: What Zero designers get up to after hours

The car guys have been enjoying engine swaps for years. It’s the simplest and most reliable way to get extra horsepower—which is why we see RX7s tooling around with 6.2-liter GM V8s, and tiny Honda Civics with Acura power. Motorcycles are another matter, though. It’s an engineering nightmare, and you obviously lose the stealth aspect, because the motor is on display. But that didn’t dissuade Cole Mishler, who has just built the ultimate pocket rocket: A Honda Grom with a lithium ion power…

Fermin Guzmán
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Firecracker: Steady Garage's custom Honda Grom 125

On paper, a 10 hp motorcycle with a seat height of 30 inches doesn't sound particularly exciting. And yet the Honda Grom remains one of the funnest and most adored motorcycles on the planet. If you can't understand why, stop reading right now and go take one for a spin. It's zippier than its diminutive stance and 12” wheels would imply, and is sure to elicit more smiles than bikes twice its size (and price) at your local watering hole. Oh, and it'll go for miles on nothing more than a whiff…

Juan JP Sotomayor
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Firecracker: Steady Garage's custom Honda Grom 125

Honda USA handed a Grom to the mad scientists at Steady Garage — a Californian shop that specializes in custom mini-motos. “Our vision for the project was to build something that is futuristic looking, with an end-of-the-world vibe,” the Steady guys tells us. “A utilitarian moto that would take on some crazy terrain and look tough.”