Homemade sweet pickles

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Use a really crunchy cucumber to start. Either Persian or Japanese cucumbers. Or a good English cucumber if you can't find the other varieties. Personally, we rarely find good, crunchy "Pickling" cucumbers so we always pass on using them. But if you find or grow nice ones, they'd work great too. We let the cucumber slices sit out overnight covered in paper towels after salting them to help them dry out a bit more and develop a nice crunch. They may look a little too dried out in the morning…

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Sweet cucumber pickles are as southern as iced tea Not just any pickles either – they must be homemade and preferably homegrown. It is alright if someone gives you the cucumbers, or you pick them up fresh from your local Farmers Market. We all have a family recipe that has been passed down and it

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Refrigerator Sweet Pickles, an easy homemade sweet dill pickle recipe full of flavor and ready the next day. No canning for this simple recipe. Delicious!

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If you have a plethora of cucumbers from your vegetable garden and you don’t want to go to waste, this is the perfect way to use them up. My recipe for Old Fashioned Sweet Pickles has everything you are looking for, from the crunch, to the sweet pickle flavor we all know and love. This simple pickle recipe is so delicious on sandwiches and burgers, on relish trays and charcuterie boards, or you can even eat them right out of the jar. Homemade sweet pickles at their best!

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