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Delve into the past with a collection of intriguing historical documents. Uncover the stories and significance behind these artifacts and gain a deeper understanding of our history.
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Five Documents that Changed the World (and Will Engage Your Students) - HelpTeaching.com

The Social Studies classroom is built around primary source exploration. The use of primary sources can lead to incredible analysis, discussion, and higher-level thinking. Use the five sources below in your classroom to engage your students and explore new and […]

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Six Tips for Preserving Family Archives

Home for the holidays? How we celebrate the winter holidays may be a bit different this year, yet it is still a good time to be thinking about getting a better handle on those family and personal archives, especially if multiple generations of relatives are gathered in one place, whether in-person or via a screen. Here are some tips to get started, inspired by my experience assessing and preserving my own family’s historical records.

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