Herb embroidery

Explore a collection of beautiful herb embroidery designs that bring the beauty of nature to your crafts. Learn how to create stunning herb-inspired patterns and add a touch of freshness to your projects.
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Clover: free hand embroidery pattern

Here is a new freebie for you! A clover family :) No instructions, interpret it any way you wish. However, if you feel too confused without any guidance whatsoever, you will find color and stitch suggestions in the PDF document: DOWNLOAD The pattern is based on one of my old works, so if you need a visual reference, you've got one too :) In fact, I've had this clover pattern stashed on my computer since March! At first, I was waiting for summer to post it in appropriate season, and then I…

Domenica Gioia
Stitch up a miniature herb garden with this beautiful hand embroidery pattern from little dear.  #embroiderypattern #handembroidery #embroiderydesign #embroideryhoopart #tinyembroidery #miniembroidery Cute Flower Embroidery Patterns, Embroidered Simple Flower, Embroidery Designs Cottagecore, Easy Floral Embroidery Patterns, Different Flower Embroidery, Embrodary Flower Pattern, Hummingbird Hand Embroidery, Herb Embroidery Patterns Free Printable, Embroidery Herbs Pattern

Tiny Herb Garden embroidery pattern

Stitch up a miniature herb garden with this beautiful hand embroidery pattern from little dear. #embroiderypattern #handembroidery #embroiderydesign #embroideryhoopart #tinyembroidery #miniembroidery

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PDF Embroidery Pattern, Digital Embroidery PDF Forget Me Not Embroidery * Digital Download, diy Printable * DIY Embroidery, Hand Embroidery

This is an instant download, digital PDF pattern and guide for hand embroidery. No physical object will be mailed to you. 🌿 Embroidery Pattern Details: The floral embroidery PDF includes detailed instructions, but does not teach the basics of the stitches. There are wonderful tutorials online that can guide you through the foundations if needed. This embroidery pattern uses the following stitches: * satin stitch * whipped back stitch * French knot ------ "There's rosemary, that's for…

Briar Rose Needlework
Roxana Illuminated Perfume: Perfume Illuminated: Herbes de Provence Silk Ribbon Embroidery, Áo Blu, Sulaman Pita, Pola Sulam, Ribbon Art, 자수 디자인, Ribbon Work, Hand Embroidery Patterns, Embroidery Inspiration

Perfume Illuminated: Herbes de Provence

When I was a child my mother worked for a boutique in Beverly Hills. On occasion she would travel to Paris for some of her clients, if I was really lucky I went with her, if not she would always bring back wonderful treats. The treats ranged from perfume, cheese, maron glace and cooking herbs. The cooking herbs were usually Bouquet Garni, which translates as "garnish bouquet" in French. The mix usually contains parsley, thyme and bay leaf. Depending on the region and different makers there…